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Epica Artemis Veterinary Laser Therapy

The Epica Artemis Veterinary Laser Therapy is a multi-modality veterinary therapeutic device for animals

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The Artemis allows for modification on the energy wave form to allow incredible depths of penetration, photomechanical effects and bio-stimulation.

Benefits of the Artemis:

  • Treatment of animals for a varied number of medical conditions
  • Regenerative therapy to promote healing
  • Minimally invasive surgical ablation to treat tissue within a controllable area

The Artemis combines 3 forms of therapeutic healing –

RIM: Radid Inflammatory Mitigation – Inflammation is either a cause, or component of most of the conditions experienced by your patients. Inflammation causes hyperalgesia, pain, swelling, inhibited healing, tissue degeneration, and a cessation of the cell cycle. 
With RIM, large bursts of energy are non-invasively pulsed deep into the tissues. The pulses work to massage the tissues causing an opening of the lymphatic system and an out-flow of inflammatory materials.
Simultaneously, the energy increases vascular flow and restores normal function of cell membranes.


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