• Easi-scan microconvex veterinary ultrasound scanner
  • Easi-Scan Micro-Convex with bovine OPU probe with specs

Easi-Scan Micro-convex

Precision at an affordable price

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Precision at an affordable price

The Easi-Scan Micro-Convex gives you precision for Ovum Pick-Up (OPU) and it comes at a price you can afford. You can also use it for abdominal work in other animals.

Makes your work simple

The scanner comes with a new OPU handle designed for Ovum Pick-Up procedures. With intuitive touch screen Smart Display and needle guide on screen, Ovum Pick-Up procedures are easier and faster to perform and set up time is shorter.


The OPU handle's robust design allows you to perform procedures more easily. The probe is hard wired and sealed to the scanner to eliminate connection failures and dust and water penetration.

Saving your money

OPU handle can be used with standard Leur-lock needles that every veterinarian has available reducing the cost of the Ovum Pick-Up procedure.


Optional accessories

  • Easi-Scan battery

    Easi-Scan battery

    Complete a whole day of scanning hassle-free with the long lasting Easi-Scan batteries. Easi-Scan comes with two batteries that last up to seven hours in the standby mode.

  • Cow ultrasound Easi-Scan carry bag

    Easi-Scan carry bag

    Alleviate shoulder strain when you wear the Easi-Scan bag around your waist. The bag keeps your hands free to maneuver the probe.

  • Easi-Scan Battery Charger

    Easi-Scan battery charger

    The portable battery charger is one option for charging your Easi-Scan batteries. It’s great for ultrasound scanners on the move as it can be powered through a car charger or a standard wall outlet. Your batteries are fully charged in 5 hours.

  • Remote Display and Shoulder Strap

    Easi-Scan shoulder strap

    The shoulder strap is an option for your Easi-Scan ultrasound scanner when you don’t want to use the waist bag. It attaches to the Easi-Scan and suspends your scanner at waist level.

  • Easi-Scan arms free ultrasound probe introducer

    Probe introducer

    The probe introducer makes your Easi-Scan an arm-free bovine ultrasound scanner. It’s easier to enter and exit dairy and beef cattle giving you faster checks. Extremely fast pregnant and open diagnoses are easier.

  • Video splitter

    Video splitter

    The video splitter allows for two wired viewing devices to be used at one time. You can use it with Easi-Scan and Duo-Scan ultrasound scanners. It is a great teaching tool or whenever you want to share an image with someone. For example, you can wear a BUG while a herdsman and other employees are observing on a larger monitor.

  • easi-case

    Easi-Scan carry case

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