• Sonosite Edge veterinary ultrasound scanner
  • Sonosite Edge Equine Uterine Vessels Colour Doppler L52
  • Sonosite Edge 2
  • Sonosite Edge Equine Distal Limb Longitudinal L52
  • Sonosite Edge 1
  • Sonosite Edge Equine SDFT DDFT ICL Cross Section HFL50
  • Sonosite Edge Stand 300x300
  • Sonosite Edge Equine Distal Limb Cross Section HFL38 - Copy

Sonosite Edge II veterinary ultrasound scanner

See more, achieve more, with Sonosite’s 5th generation power house.

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Built for your environment – designed to survive the average hospital, battlefield or disaster zone – it’s going to cope with the most demanding veterinary situations.

Key benefits:


  • Aluminium core
  • Magnesium shell
  • Backlit, sealed splash resistant keyboard
  • Robust ASIC design specifically for ultrasound


  • Less than 5kg with battery
  • Start up less than 15 seconds


  • 5 year standard warranty

Easy to use

  • 12.1” backlit LCD monitor
  • Large, bright, clinical image area
  • 2 high speed USB ports  for effortless data management
  • Large trackpad with increased sensitivity
  • New gain and depth controls for more accurate fine adjustment

Probes and accessories

  • GE Sonosite M Turbo C11x micro convex probe - Copy

    C11x 5-8MHz 11mm radius micro-convex probe

    Velocity, Power & Pulsed Wave (PW) Doppler, max depth 10cm
    Small animal abdomen and cardiac
    Equine musculoskeletal and foal abdomens

  • GE Sonosite M turbo C60 radius convex probe

    C60x 2-5MHz 60mm radius convex probe

    THI, Power, Velocity & Pulsed Wave (PW) Doppler, max depth 30cm.
    Equine abdomen and large dogs
    Equine musculoskeletal

  • GE Sonosite M Turbo HFL38x linear probe

    HFL38x 6-13MHz 38mm footprint linear probe

    Power, velocity & Pulsed Wave (PW) Doppler, max depth 6cm
    Equine musculoskeletal, ophthalmology
    Small animal abdomen, ophthalmology

  • GE Sonosite M Turbo HFL50 linear probe

    HLF50x 6-15 MHz 50mm footprint linear probe

    Power and Pulsed Wave (PW) Doppler, velocity. Max depth 6cm
    Equine musculoskeletal
    Small animal abdomen

  • GE Sonosite M Turbo L52 rectal probe

    L52x 5-10MHz 52mm footprint rectal probe

    Power Doppler, max depth 10 cm
    Equine Musculoskeletal
    Equine Reproduction
    Fish – sexing, egg determination

  • GE Sonosite M Turbo L25 linear probe

    L25x 6-13MHz 25mm footprint linear probe supporting musculoskeletal, superficial, nerve & vascular exams

    Velocity, power & PW Doppler, max depth 6cm
    Ophthalmology – small footprint so you can rotate through 90 degrees
    Small mammals abdomen and pregnancy

  • GE Sonosite M Turbo P10x phased array probe

    P10x 4-8MHz 10mm footprint phased array probe

    supporting Velocity, Power, Pulsed Wave (PW), Continuous Wave (CW) & TDI Doppler, max depth 14cm
    Small animal cardiac
    Small animal abdomen

  • GE Sonosite M Turbo P21x phased array probe - Copy

    P21x 1-5 MHz 21mm footprint phased array probe supporting abdomen and cardiac exams

    THI, Velocity Power, Pulsed Wave (PW), Continuous Wave (CW) & TDI Doppler, max depth 35cm
    Small animal cardiac and large dog abdomen
    Equine cardiac
    Equine abdomen

  • Sonosite Edge Stand 300x300

    Universal stand including mini-dock

  • M-Turbo Carry Bag 300x225

    Carry bag

  • Other accessories

    Advanced Needle Visualization – aiding needle visualization while maintaining exceptional image quality of the target and surrounding anatomy

    DICOM print & store and worklist bundle

    Colour Doppler and Velocity, Power Doppler

    Carry bag

  • Other accessories

    Triple transducer connector for quick disconnect

    Mini Dock

    Sitelink - Transfer images via Ethernet to a windows PC

    ECG cable


    Keyboard cover

  • Other accessories

    Thermal printer


    Ovum pick-up handle for Sonosite C11x Transducer

    Clip on stand-off for HFL38x

    Metal case stand-off for HFL38x

    Metal case stand-off for L52x

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