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Complete veterinary X-ray rooms

Your ideal X-ray room tailored to your specific requirements

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BCF and Xograph work together to manage each veterinaty practice project, end-to-end from your first initial ideas to imaging the first patient and then beyond to ensure optimum performance throughout the life of the equipment.

We can assist you to realise your ideal X-ray room tailored to your specific requirements, being there at every stage of the project. This includes initial consultation, selection of the most appropriate system for your needs, suggested room layouts, quotation, final room drawings right up to the supply and installation of the X-ray tube system. If required, we can include design and project management of the entire ‘Turn Key’ room preparation and building works necessary prior to installation.




  • Customers - UoB

    University of Bristol

    Xograph provided Veterinary radiography systems to Bristol University’s Department of Clinical Veterinary Science comprising 2 general radiography systems both with ceiling suspended X-ray tube supports, as well as a mobile C-Arm fluoroscopy system for surgical and interventional image guidance to further enhance the imaging capabilities.

  • Customers - AHT

    Animal Health Trust

    A second example is at the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket where a sophisticated ceiling-suspended X-ray tube support and synchronised ceiling suspended bucky system was installed for equine radiography. These specialist equine radiography systems include a high powered high frequency X-ray generator as well as the ability to image with Computed Radiography (CR) imaging plates and a flat panel Direct Digital Radiography (DR) Detectors.

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