• Cuattro Cloud small animal veterinary DR system

Cloud DR small animal veterinary X-ray system

A smarter direction in digital radiography. Better and affordable.

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The Cloud DR Veterinary Specialist System (VSS) seamlessly brings together the Cloud DR touchscreen workstation, high frequency digital generator mechanics system, and 14” x 17” or 17” x 17” solid state flat-panel-digital-detectors, into a digital imaging powerhouse.

  • Significant improvement of workflow: intuitive software means you will navigate seamlessly through your study
  • Perfect image quality: allowing accurate diagnosis
  • Reduce the time of your study: freeing up time for other tasks, or take a break!
  • Affordable: time/cost benefit means the system will quickly pay for itself

The Cloud DR was designed as a result of market feedback. The request was “Better.. for less. Perfect images and intuitive software. Reliable with web based PACS, and at half the cost.” The Cloud DR delivers. Better radiography and affordable.

The Small Animal Cloud DR will offer a significant improvement in X-ray workflows in the small animal veterinary practice. You will greatly reduce the time taken per study, meaning more free time to focus on other tasks, see more patients or even take a break!



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