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Dental CR veterinary X-ray system

Fast, high quality images that will allow you to make accurate dental diagnosis for cats, dogs, rabbits in a veterinary practice.

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The Dental CR7 X-ray system is a portable, desk-top sized system, designed specifically for dental diagnosis in a veterinary practice.

Key benefits:

  • Optimum: developed for veterinary dental diagnosis
  • High quality images: allowing accurate diagnoses
  • Compact: it will fit into any practice
  • Fast: images in as little as 6 seconds
  • Flexible: DICOM compliant allows easy export of data

With the Dental CR X-ray system from BCF you will produce fantastic dental X-ray images in as little as 6 seconds. The high quality images will allow you to easily make an accurate diagnosis.

The system is small and compact to will fit easily into your existing practice set up. It can be used with your existing generator.




There are a range of X-ray accessories available from BCF that can help improve your radiography function in the practice.

  • Cassettes and screens

    Cassettes and screens

    We can provide a range of cassettes and screens should you need
    additional or new ones.

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