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  • Easi-Scan bovine ultrasound scanner in use

Easi-Scan ultrasound product support

Service and support information


  • How do you determine the age of a foetus on Easi-Scan?

    There is an aging grid super-imposed on the screen that you see with any viewing device. You can use this to measure foetuses and follicles. There are options for a 1cm and 1/2cm grid. We have aging tables for multiple species that matches these measurements to an age. This is a much faster way to measure follicles and fetal age

  • How long does the Easi-Scan probe last?

    The life of the Easi-Scan probe is very dependent on the user and usage. With normal usage we have seen probes last more than 8 years. In the number of scans typical range is between 100,000 and 150,000.

  • Is the image quality better on the new Easi-Scan?

    Yes. The image quality has been improved from the last Easi-Scan model. It is a clearer image and with the addition of contrast and brightness adjustments you can adjust the image to suit your needs.

  • What are the advantages of the Easi-Scan over older Easi-Scan models?

    There are many benefits and new features that were released with the newest Easi-Scan. Read below to learn more:

    • Weighs only 4 lbs
    • Over 50% smaller than previous models
    • Longer battery life
    • Standby mode detects when you are not scanning and puts the Easi-Scan on standby mode to extend your battery life up to 7 hours
    • Waist bag to lessen shoulder strain
    • Dust and splash-proof
    • Improved image quality
    • Battery life indicator
    • Easily store and transfer images
    • Menus available in multiple languages
    • Lifetime Warranty, just send your machine in once a year
    • BCF manufactures and repairs
  • How often are there upgrades?

    There is not a set schedule for upgrades. Upgrades are completed when your item is in for service. Most upgrades just enhance the functionality of the unit. If an upgrade is needed because of a serious problem we will contact those customers that need the upgrade individually and get the units in for an upgrade immediately.

  • Can I leave my ultrasound machine outside in the cold?

    While in use your ultrasound machine is built to stand up to extreme weather conditions, including those below 0° days. However, your ultrasound is a piece of electronic equipment and should be treated as such. Your machine should always be stored in a room temperature environment when not in use.

Care & Maintenance

We have built Easi-Scan to be rugged and splash-proof for the on-farm environment. It does contain sensitive electronics.  If you care for your Easi-Scan properly you will get many years out of your product.

  • Wipe it down after every use. Use a non-bleach antibacterial wipe or  a damp cloth with warm water and soap
  • Dry after use. Store in a dry environment.  Corrosion will occur if stored damp.
  • Protect probe from knocks that can cause permanent damage.  Examine regularly for cracks or splits. If damage is found, repair promptly.
  • Your probe should always be stored in loose coils. Wrapping it in tight coils can leave permanent kinks that can affect the life of your probe.
  • Return your equipment annually to an IMV imaging service centre for a maintenance inspection.

These are only the highlights of the care and maintenance details for your Easi-Scan. For a full description of care and maintenance please refer to the user manual.


I do not see an image on my viewing device.

  • Make sure your cable is plugged in securely and the red dots on the machine and plug match up.
  • Make sure your machine is turned on and battery is charged.
  • Do you have a goggle and wrist monitor?
    You may have changed your output setting.The machine output can be switched by pressing and holding the button combinations (below) while switching the scanner on:
    1. For goggles, press and hold the "Square" button and "up arrow" button simultaneously while switching on.
    2. For wrist monitor, press and hold the "Square" button and "down arrow" button simultaneously while switching on.
    3. Refer to page 10 of the user manual (link) for more instructions.
  • If these suggestions do not solve your problem please call an IMV imaging service centre.


My batteries do not seem to be holding a full charge.

  • You must occasionally completely discharge your batteries.
  • Every 10 cycles or so, let the batteries discharge completely and fully recharge to maintain your battery life.
  • Your batteries will not be harmed by being on the charger after they are fully charged.
  • See your user manual for more details.
  • If the problem persists please call a IMV imaging service centre.


The resolution of my image has been declining over the years.

  • If you have owned your machine for a number of years, there is a chance that your probe is damaged.
  • Please contact an IMV imaging service centre and they can execute a probe test to check your probe status and give you a recommendation.


My machine powers on but turns off immediately.

  • Check that your battery is charged.
  • Make sure you are releasing the power button soon enough. If you hold it to long it will turn off again.
  • If problem persists please contact an IMV service centre.

Lifetime Warranty

As of the 1st of November 2011, BCF will offer a Lifetime Warranty Programme for new Easi-Scan 3 ultrasound scanners. Existing Easi-Scan 3 ultrasound scanners can also become part of the Lifetime Warranty Programme.

BCF is built upon a standard of satisfying customer needs through innovative products and services. BCF stands behind the durability and technology of Easi-Scan and wants to give our customers peace of mind.

We have chosen to offer a Lifetime Warranty Programme to do just that. Strong, hardwearing and splash-proof on the outside with the latest animal ultrasound technology on the inside, Easi-Scan is designed to meet the demands of everyday wear and tear on the farm.

We have also included our Easi-Scan probe within our Lifetime Warranty because we stand behind our manufacturing partner who has been producing quality transducers for over 20 years and we are confident in the reliability and robustness of our probe which has been used in different veterinary applications for over 10 years.


Main Benefits

  • Your Easi-Scan scanner and probe will be covered by warranty for as long as you own your ultrasound scanner 
  • Having your scanner serviced annually will increase the life of the scanner and decrease the likelihood of breakdowns during continued use
  • Maintenance service and warranty repairs are covered at a fixed cost
  • Peace of mind that your machine will last
  • Reduce the chance of unexpected breakdowns
  • Higher trade-in value for Lifetime Warranty members
  • Serviced and maintained by our specialist facility in Livingston, Scotland


Warranty Highlights

  • Lifetime Warranty Programme available on all new Easi-Scan 3 ultrasound scanners purchased from 1 November 2011, and in place for as long as Customer owns and all service requirements are met.
  • Existing customers who have purchased new Easi-Scan 3 ultrasound scanners can register on the Lifetime Warranty Programme regardless of age, after an initial inspection. Existing customers must register by 1 November 2012.
  • Lifetime Warranty Programme includes Easi-Scan 3 ultrasound scanner with Easi-Scan 3 probe. Viewers, batteries, chargers and other consumables are not included in the Lifetime Warranty Programme, standard warranty still applies.
  • Existing Easi-Scan 3 ultrasound customers will be advised of any costs that may be required to get their system to the required functional level to be accepted into the Lifetime Warranty Programme.
  • Full warranty coverage and replacement on all parts excluding accidental damage and misuse of Easi-Scan 3 ultrasound system. BCF advises that Customer should have full accidental damage insurance for their Easi-Scan.
  • Software upgrades included for all Easi-Scan 3 ultrasound scanners on the Lifetime Warranty Programme.
  • To maintain the Lifetime Warranty of the Easi-Scan 3 ultrasound scanner, the Easi-Scan 3 ultrasound scanner must be serviced at an authorised BCF service centre, at least once every 12 months after date of purchase. BCF will contact Customer at least 4 weeks prior to required annual service date.

*Full terms and conditions can be obtained from BCF Technology Ltd,. Livingston, Scotland


What do I do next?

If you are not part of the Lifetime Warranty programme and you would like to be, please call our service centre in Livingston on +44 (0)1506 460 023 to have your scanner booked in for an initial inspection.

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