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Goggle ultrasound viewing device product support

Service and support information


  • Can I use BUG on my older model Easi-Scan?

    Yes. We offer BUG versions for all Easi-Scan models. The newest Easi-Scan and the older models have a different connector so you will have to specify which model Easi-Scan you will want to use the BUG on.


  • Is BUG interchangeable for all Easi-Scan models?

    No, some Easi-Scan models have different connectors for goggles so they are not interchangeable. We do offer different versions for all models of Easi-Scan.


  • Is BUG splash-proof?

    BUG is completely sealed and rated IP65 for dust and splash-proof. This means that you can use your goggle in wet conditions although we do not recommend submerging your BUG in water.


  • Can I wear glasses and use BUG?

    Yes, BUG sits away from your eyes for ideal viewing with prescription eyeglasses. You can also easily see an image in bright sunlight with OLED BUG, so you may want to wear sunglasses at times to protect your eyes from sunlight.


  • Can I wash my brow pads?

    Yes, brow pads are machine washable. We also have replacements available.


  • How can I bring the image into focus using the BUGs?

    Use the adjustment at the front of the headband to alter the distance between your eyes and the bug screen.


  • Why does the Easi-Scan or the monitor not work when I turn it on?

    Have you tried charging the battery beforehand i.e before you go to the farm or if you have an AC socket on the farm? 


  • Grey image/pattern on BCF Universal Goggles (BUGS). Scanner may beep continuously

    Switch scanner off, press & hold the Select (□) and Up (▲) buttons then switch the scanner on, this forces normal video output.

    Use the adjustment at the front of the headband to alter the distance between your eyes and the bug screen.


  • Why does the Easi-Scan or the monitor not work when I turn it on?

    You have to keep pressing the different frequencies on the monitor until you get a picture. It may take 3-4 times before you get the proper clarity of the picture.


How to adjust your BUG:


My goggle cord keeps getting caught.

  • The BUG is designed so the cord runs down your back. To ensure that your cord is not damaged by tugging and pulling, run the goggle cord under your coveralls down your back and then plug into the machine at your waist.


My image seems blurred or my lenses are scratched.

  • If your image does not seem as clear as it first was, check the lenses on BUG. They should be treated with care similar to your prescription lenses and cleaned with an eyeglass cleaning cloth.
  • If your lenses are scratched and you are having a hard time seeing, contact an IMV imaging service centre. They can replace your lenses.


My image cuts in and out.

  • Make sure that your BUG is plugged securely into your ultrasound machine. The red dots should match up on the BUG plug and machine plug.
  • Ensure that your battery is not low.

If neither of these solutions work, you may have damaged your cord by pulling on it or getting it caught on something. Always plug and unplug your BUG by holding onto the metal connector. Do not pull on the cod. Also see solution for “My goggle cord keeps getting caught.” Please contact an IMV imaging service centre to have your cord repaired


Care and maintenance

We have built BUG (BCF Universal Goggle) to be rugged and splash-proof for the on-farm environment. It does contain sensitive electronics.  If you care for your BUG properly you will get many years out of your product.

  • Wipe it down after every use. Use a non-bleach antibacterial wipe or a damp cloth with warm water and soap.
  • Treat your lenses as you would your valued glasses/sunglasses. Use an eye glass cleaning cloth.
  • Clean immediately after use – before any debris dries solid.
  • BUG will be damaged if dropped, hosed down, or if lenses are wiped with thumb or cloth other than eye glasses cleaning cloth.
  • Secure in protective carry case once clean.
  • Dry after use. Store in a dry environment.  Corrosion will occur if stored damp.
  • Take care that your cord is not yanked, caught, or harshly pulled.
  • Brow pads are machine washable and dryer safe.
  • Return your equipment annually to a BCF service center for a maintenance inspection.

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