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Helping you get the most out of your equipment, this year and every year

At IMV imaging we want you to get the most from your imaging equipment, so you can provide the very best in animal care. An annual service is an important part of keeping your investment in optimal condition and maximising its working lifespan. A IMV imaging Planned Maintenance Agreement is the simplest and most comprehensive way to achieve this.

The best equipment deserves the best support

The IMV imaging Planned Maintenance Agreement includes a scheduled full service each year for your equipment, designed to identify small issues before they become big problems. We believe this is so vital, we provide the first annual service free of charge for our small animal and equine ultrasound and X-ray equipment. 

Planned Maintenance Agreements with IMV imaging 

As a vet, you ask to see the animals under your care annually for a check-up, so you can detect potential problems as early as possible, ensuring you can treat them effectively and efficiently. At IMV imaging we apply the same principle to our world-class imaging kit. All the equipment we supply is designed to meet the demands of a hard-working vet practice. However, cumulative effect on functionality. With an annual service, we can spot any small issues before they become larger problems.

We all know in this job, things can get a bit messy…

All IMV imaging products are designed to cope with the demands of a hard-working vet’s practice, but everyday wear and tear can have a detrimental effect on functionality. Assessing and treating animals means clipped fur, dirt and dust – and prolonged exposure to these elements can dramatically impair performance. Blocked cooling fans can lead to overheated circuit boards, which are expensive to replace. If equipment is not working when you desire, this can have a dramatic impact on your and your client’s day. 

Be​cause you live in the real world

Our portable equipment is designed to deal with the world inside and outside the practice – but with multiple users and the inevitable knocks that come from life in the practice or on the road, it’s vital to monitor equipment to keep on top of any potential issues such as cracks or corrosion.

A thorough annual check up

A full service includes a comprehensive diagnostic review of your equipment. An annual service is the very best way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment. An annual service of your Easi-Scan will also ensure you maintain your Lifetime Warranty.

More than just a service

If your diagnostic imaging equipment breaks down, you risk damage to your business and reputation. The aim of the IMV imaging Planned Maintenance Agreement is to minimise those risks. It includes specialist support from our expert team, and there are no charges for loan equipment, helping you provide continuity of care. You also receive access to our IT support team, including 24/7 telephone cover for emergencies. For X-ray equipment connected to the internet we can also remotely diagnose and fix problems. Parts and labour are also provided at a 10% discount.

Our specialist IMV imaging team

At IMV imaging we have our own hard-working team of fully trained engineers, IT support and customer care and we are proud of our staff's friendly and helpful approach. With service centres in Scotland and Ireland, we also provide nationwide coverage for the UK and Ireland through our experienced field service team. 

It makes sense to let us provide the best aftercare

Call us now to arrange your annual service or find out more about our Planned Maintenance Agreements on +44 (0)1506 460 023.

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