Echo-what? Get to Grips with echocardiography – New 2-part course for 2020

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This course is here to help start you on your echo expeditions and improve your practical scanning ability.

Part 1 of our new course includes a variety of lectures, demonstrations and practical sessions with emphasis on getting as much hands-on time as possible.

Topics covered include; how to optimise use of your equipment for cardiac ultrasound, indications for performing echocardiography, which cardiac views offer the most diagnostic information and how to achieve them. You will learn and practice obtaining the right-sided echocardiographic views and discuss how best to interpret them including basic measurements. A brief overview of Doppler use and relevant case discussions will also be covered.

Having attended part 1 and put your skills into practice, come back to discuss some cases you’ve seen.

Part 2 focuses on continued practical learning including further optimisation of your right sided views, use of Doppler during an echo exam, both colour and spectral Doppler. Where possible, delegates should bring some example cases they have examined during time in practice following attendance of part 1. A case-based discussion will follow the practical elements, including discussion about cardiac case decision making.


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